Menu: Raj Special

Green Massala

Grilled chicken or lamb cooked in our own special sauce with green herbs and spices

Shaslik Massala

Grilled in tandoor with green peppers, tomatoes and onion cooked in massala sauce. Hot or medium

Staff Curry

Our own staff's curry with meat on the bone


Deboned tender pieces of lamb or chicken in cream sauce with cashew nut

Tikka Massala

Cooked in a rich massala sauce with coconuts, almonds and cream


Cooked in light spiced sauce with onion, green pepper, coriander and chillies with yoghurt

Poncho Khana

Cooked in a tandoor, served with delicately spiced mild sauce and finished with fresh mango cream, yoghurt and coriander

Shahee Chicken Massala

Chicken breast stuffed with minced lamb cooked in a mild creamy sauce with mushroom and boiled egg



Nawabi Khana

Cooked in tandoor, served in smooth lightly spiced sauce with thinly chopped fried potatoes and raw spices

King Prawn Banarasi

Grilled king prawns cooked in spicy sauce with fresh green chillies, coriander and tomatoes



Raj Of Bengal

A selection of fish, prawns and king prawns in thick curry sauce